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Your partner to your dental clinic.

Why you must choose msTITANIUM?

With msTITANIUM you'lel have an always updated platform, with no surprises. The updates are automatic, providing you with the latest features with no extra aditional costs.


Being a cloud platform you don't have to worry with clinic servers anymore.

Just one version

Accessible wherever you are, in all your cllinics.

No different versions

With msTitanium you'll have all modules available.










All Plans include:

  • License for two laptops. (7,50€/month for each aditional laptop)
  • Unlimited users and doctors
  • RVG's conection
  • Support and Updates
  • Cloud storage and daily Backups
  • Data migration (upon analysis)
  • Up to 50% discount (5% for each refernced customer)

  • Ath the implementations phase, aditional are required 250€ for database implementation, customization of reports and learning. All presented costs require the current legal tax.


    We We believe that you will only be able to manage your clinic if you have all the features at your disposal, so you will always have access to all available modules.


    We believe that the patient is the center of your business and that's why everything should revolve around them.

    At any time, you can access all your patients' information, whether financial, clinical, or administrative.

    We've also optimized msTitanium so that interaction with computers is minimal when dealing with patients.

    For example, by integrating patient registration with the capture of Citizen Card data, we were able to ensure that basic data (and photograph) were filled in correctly and quickly.

    Through visual indicators, we inform the user about the patient's attendance index. This indicator is present throughout the administrative processes of the application.

    After the patient is admitted, the anamnesis must be filled in, and the information can be filled in by the receptionist and/or doctor, according to their specifications.

    We also know that nowadays, clinics provide additional services in order to guarantee a more complete experience for their patients.

    Thus, we provide modules for recording (clinical or not) the information of the other services provided, with sharing (or not) of information between the various professionals, and with billing for these services.


    Reception is a vital point of your clinic, we bet on centralizing administrative functions.

    We know that the reception is one of the vital points of your clinic's business, which is why we are committed to centralizing administrative functions, as well as streamlining processes in this area.

    From the msTitanium Agenda, we can make admissions, consult and make appointments, make payments, etc.

    The diaries use color systems and iconography that complement the information of your traditional diary, such as the status of appointments, daily occupancy level of the diary, additional information about the scheduled appointment, and much much more.

    We believe that we should also provide important information about the patient, such as relevant administrative notes, attendance rate and preferential contact, not only about appointments, but also about patients who are on the waiting list for possible vacancies.

    All the necessary information, available in an organized way on a single screen.


    Software certified by the Tax and Customs Authority.

    As of January 1, 2011, certification of invoicing software has become mandatory. This is a measure of the Tax and Customs Authority that aims to facilitate the crossing of data and the creation of control and audit mechanisms integrated in the software that aim to prevent tax fraud.

    msTitanium is certified by DGCI with nº 664, so you can:

  • Issue billing documents
  • Manage current accounts
  • Manage clinical staff fees
  • Manage current accounts (doctors and patients)
  • Manage conventions (insurance and dental checks)
  • Stocks

    Advanced stock management, which allows an effective control of your costs.

    msTitanium has a specific module for managing your clinic's stocks, which allows for an effective control of your costs. We control the entire stock management process, from ordering and receiving to the internal requisition of articles.

    We intend to provide the clinic with strict control and effective management of stocks, orders and deliveries from suppliers. The stock module interacts with msTitanium allowing to estimate the expected consumption according to your schedule appointments in order to avoid situations of stock rupture.


    The security of your data is guaranteed by the best professionals.

    As msTitanium is provided with “Hosted Service”, the servers on which the application runs and databases are stored in an independent datacenter, with the highest level of security suited to business solutions.

  • 24x7x365 access surveillance, with access control and registration of all entrances and exits.
  • Systems without interruption in terms of connectivity, energy supply and air conditioning.
  • Totally redundant energy (backup by UPAA+B and Generator Group).
  • Advanced temperature and humidity monitoring.
  • Fire detection and extinguishing system as well as Video Surveillance.
  • It is part of the service to perform daily backups that, to increase the security level in a “disaster recover”. Although your data is hosted in our datacenter, the customer is the exclusive owner of the data.


    Real-time statistics at the palm of your hand.

    Access the msTitanium statistics module through a web portal that provides clinical and billing indicators, among others, allowing you to define a dashboard that displays your most important indicators.

    In this way, it guarantees access to your business's vital information from anywhere and using any device.

    msTitanium provides a range of different pre-defined indicators, and allows new indicators to be added, based on the particular information of each installation.


    We designed msTitanium to allow you to pay more attention to your patients.

    The process begins even before the appointment, by facilitating the booking of appointments online through an easy and quick process, conveying a modern and innovative image of your clinic.

    We also provide you with tools that allow you to communicate via SMS with your patients (using various indicators, whether demographic, geographic or even attendance and loyalty).

    When the patient is in your clinic, we optimize the registration in order to be as fast as possible. We included the integration of msTitanium with the Citizen Card, allowing the registration of demographic data, NIF and photo acquisition to be done immediately, allowing you to give more attention to the patient.

    The post-consultation period is also used to continue caring for your patients, as we allow you to send information about treatments, whether recommendations or information about the expiry of treatment.

    Ensure your patients' satisfaction. The clinic does its part. And we do ours.


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    - Management of agendas

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    Stop making holiday maps in Excel



    msTITANIUM has a flexibility of customization, and a usability that clearly stands out from all the rest.


    Its low initial investment cost, as well as the monthly fee with maintenance included, make this application the best choice on the market for the dental medicine sector.


    We evaluated the main applications on the market and our choice fell on msTITANIUM, and it was certainly one of the best choices in our company's strategy.


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